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Addressing the Current State of OSS and NMS Solutions

In my last blog I wrote about the current sorry state of the NMS industry, and since then there has been a tidal wave of industry discussion that fully supports my view. At a recent industry conference, the CEO of Deutsche Telekom stated that the whole OSS stack needs to be re-invented, and that that DT and other operators need to radically change their OSS/NMS environments or risk going bankrupt by 2020. The OSS Implosion article by Carol Wilson of Light Reading had a number of great sound bites, including “The OSS needs new clothes, The current OSS Is broken and needs to be replaced, and SDN/NFV will require a complete transformation of the OSS.” At Monolith, we are fully aligned with the rapidly evolving OSS/NMS requirements for converged, agile, and software-defined services, and we have addressed the atrophy that has is in place with our next generation unified service assurance platform.

Monolith is a gold sponsor at the TM Forum Digital Disruption 2013 event in San Jose this coming week. We are also sponsoring the Achieving More with Less session in the Agile Business and IT Forum. I get to kick off the session, and a preview of my comments is as follows:

  • Service providers are challenged with the need to rapidly deploy, monetize, and manage new and converged services, while maintaining their legac infrastructure.
  • Consolidation of business support systems (BSS) has been a focus of service providers, including ERP, ticketing, inventory, service activation, provisioning, and more.
  • For the OSS side for supporting service assurance, the best-in-breed tools deployed over the last 15 years were bought to support specific services such as DSL, 3G and 4G, cellular and were targeted at specific management domains such as fault and event management, root cause, performance monitoring, and capacity planning.
  • These legacy OSS platforms that are domain or silo-based inhibit end-to-end service assurance, new service deployment, and more.


Per the CEO of DT and all the service providers that I talk to, a whole new OSS stack is required to support the new agile service model. The legacy platforms were designed for static environments and not to provide end-to-end visibility and service assurance. At Digital Disruptions 2013, Monolith will be announcing how we can support the next generation monitoring and management requirements, and we will be demonstrating how we can automate and improve operational efficiency to accelerate the deployment of new services.

Addressing these issues is a key to the long term health and survival of service providers, and a problem we all need to work on together. We recently announced that Softential is partnering with Monolith Sotware for unified service assurance, where they will use our platform as a strategic component of their solutions.

Join us in taking a leadership role in addressing the current sorry state of the OSS industry.