11 July 2016 / by Bill Cannon / 612 Views /

Monolith’s AssureNow, Legacy NMS tools, and the future


Over the last few weeks I have gotten calls from friends of mine in the industry telling me that Monolith is doing one of the following:

1)      A customer told one of our employees that Monolith is being purchased by a competitor
2)      Someone else told me that I supposedly was attending meetings in Dubai

To set the record straight first we are not being purchased and while I would love to visit I have never been to Dubai.

In the last few months we have done the following:

1)      Received external investment from Evolution Capital-our A round:
2)      Our partner, Eirteic announced the following win at MBNL where AssureNow will be consolidating 5 fault management platforms onto one AssureNow platform.  IBM Netcool makes up a major part of the 5 platforms we are retiring.  We also have retired IBM Netcool at both enterprise and service provider accounts last year.
3)      Monolith participated in the TM Forum Catalyst program in Nice in May where we along with Eirteic, Galileo Software and Eir showcased Customer Centric service management, Smart City-IoT service assurance and more:

Monolith’s AssureNow platform is uniquely positioned to support end to end service assurance, tools rationalization, and flow through service assurance.  I met with a colleague who has been in this industry for over 15 years.  He told me emphatically that I and Monolith need to be much more-truthful, bolder and transparent on the current state of the industry.  I know one competitor who has claimed we are about to go out of business-again not true-see above.  The truth is that any vendor who is still proposing legacy, standalone best in breed tools for fault, performance or root cause-is effectively selling totally OBSOLETE or dead end software.  The legacy frameworks are not positioned to manage the rapidly evolving SDN/NfV world.  Without a unified platform-which we tried to do at Micromuse-there is no effective way a hybrid cloud environment can be managed by multiple standalone tools-and orchestrate resources, enforce SLA’s, provide real time correlation, etc- AssureNow can today.

The legacy fault, performance, root-cause tools are all on a dead end street.  AssureNow continues to evolve using our agile, dev ops capability on our unified code set.  How can legacy frameworks, built via acquisition, merge into one unified platform-not a marketecture, a real unified code set?  Answer is if they could they already would have and so as the link below says-they are dead but don’t know it-per Randy Newman.