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Evolution’s Latest Growth Investment Provides Assurance


CLEVELAND, OH – April 14, 2016  Evolution Capital Partners (“Evolution”) is pleased to announce its newest partner company, Monolith Software (“Monolith”), the leading provider of next-generation, unified service assurance solutions, based in Frisco, TX.

Founded in 2008, Monolith’s AssureNow™ was the industry’s first unified monitoring solution enabling end to end visibility of fault, performance, root cause analysis, and service level management.  AssureNow is a unified service assurance manager of managers (MoM) which is highly scalable and supports multi-tenancy visibility.  It allows organizations to improve operational efficiency by unifying, correlating, and automating disparate management tools, which results in improved customer experience and operational efficiencies. AssureNow’s service assurance MoM capabilities enables service providers and enterprise customers to rationalize and retire legacy monitoring tools resulting in rapid ROI.

AssureNow was recently awarded the Best Network Operation Initiative at the World Communications Awards (WCA). Proposed and delivered by Monolith’s partner, Eirteic, AssureNow was the key to consolidating many service management software tools across Eir’s fixed-line, mobile, two-way radio and IT network businesses.

“We are excited to partner with Monolith’s leadership team, executing their vision for the organization,” said Evolution’s Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Brendan Anderson.  “Our partnership with Monolith marks our first growth investment in Evolution’s third Fund.”

“Having spoken to several growth equity firms, we found Evolution and their investment approach to be refreshing and the best fit for Monolith,” said Shawn Ennis, Founder & CTO.  “Evolution brings more than capital, providing proven methodologies and processes to help us grow our organization.”

“This growth investment allows us to continue to scale the company around AssureNow, by continuing to invest in the product, sales, marketing and our global channel partners,” said CEO, Bill Cannon.