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Monolith AssureNow Enables Manx Telecom to Increase Mobile Service Quality and Consolidate Operations Systems

AssureNow Service Assurance Solution Unifies Wireless Performance Management

FRISCO, TX — December 22, 2016 — Monolith Software, the leading provider of nextgeneration,
unified service assurance solutions, today announced that it partnered with Eirteic to enable Manx Telecom to transform the experience of its mobile users. At Manx, Monolith’s
AssureNow™ solution provides end-to-end mobile service performance management and a unified high-level view of their mobile network. Monolith’s AssureNow service assurance solution reduces operations costs and assures delivery of traditional and virtualized services while improving customer experience.

“Our operations team had a large number of element management systems and disparate views from many systems. So we had no end-to-end visibility of our services, which was becoming an issue with the growing demand for our mobile offerings,” said Jason Moffatt, Head of Sales Operations at Manx Telecom. “AssureNow and Eirteic provided a unified service management platform that enables us to view relevant performance statistics end-to-end across our multi-technology and multi-vendor networks. With unified and simplified data presented in a single view we can identify systemic issues in the mobile environment before they impact their services and users.”

AssureNow enables Manx to investigate the root cause of potential service outages and degradations, resulting in improved mobile-user experience. Thanks to the unified solution, Manx was able to consolidate OSS tools and refocus users and staff, thereby optimizing total cost of ownership and reducing OpEx.

AssureNow is a unified service assurance solution that has the capacity and performance to process all the metric data coming from multi-technology, multi-vendor, and multi-domain networks. Eirteic configured AssureNow to collect all faults and vital radio access statistics including 2G, 3G, and 4G cell level, packet switch core, and mobile switching metrics from element managers and directly from devices. The fault and performance data were unified and correlated across radio access, mobile switching, and packet-switched core networks and then presented to users as simplified, real-time service quality indicators – all in a “single pane of glass”. Easy-to-use reports and dashboards are viewable by all levels of support and management. The solution enables proactive problem resolution and prevention, even in complex, cross-domain scenarios, such as from the RAN to the backhaul to the core.

“In partnership with Monolith, Eirteic has provided Manx Telecom with a powerful unified performance management solution that enables them to monitor the quality of critical mobile services across their entire infrastructure,” said Patrick Buttimer, CEO at Eirteic and Galileo Software . “Eirteic created categories for metric data collected from the network and condensed them into KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), while Galileo Vision enabled the visual correlation of infrastructure and service issues based on location and environmental factors such as adverse weather and electrical outages.”


“The key to great service is making data from all network resources available through a consolidated view of the service, with easy to use reports and dashboards,” said David Knight, President at Monolith Software. “With AssureNow dashboards Manx has a unified high-level view of their mobile network and can drill drown to specific faults or metrics.”

Manx Telecom is the leading communication solutions provider on the Isle of Man. Manx Telecom operates a complex and diverse network including fixed-line, broadband, data center, and the latest 4G wireless services.

Eirteic specializes in providing service assurance solutions that enable its clients to monitor the quality of critical services across their entire infrastructure. Galileo Software is the software development arm of the Eirteic Group. The Galileo Vision solution is a visual analytics solution that enables users to correlate infrastructure and service issues.

Download the Manx Telecom case study here.

About Monolith Software
Monolith Software provides a next generation, service assurance solution that unifies fault, performance, topology, and service level management in a single scalable platform. Built on a single codebase, our multi-tenant AssureNow™ platform uses an open and unified approach for data collection, enrichment, visualization, and reporting. Leading telecommunications, managed service providers and enterprises, including Aureon, Eir, Equinix, Hargray, MANX, Oracle, Tata Communications, and Tele2, use Monolith to unify and simplify their infrastructure management, and consolidate disparate and legacy tools onto a single platform to significantly reduce operations costs, assure delivery of new services, and enhance customer experience.

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