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Monolith AssureNow Provides Full IPv6 Support

AssureNow Unified Service Assurance Solution Simplifies Transition to IPv6

FRISCO, TX — October 27, 2016 – Monolith Software, the leading provider of next-­‐generation, unified service assurance solutions, today announced that the company’s AssureNow™ service assurance solution fully supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). The solution reduces operations costs and assures delivery of traditional and virtualized services while improving customer experience. AssureNow can now be installed on an IPv6-­‐only system, can communicate with IPv6 devices, and simplifies network transitions from IPv4 to IPv6.

Every device on the Internet is assigned a unique IP address for identification and routing purposes. The number of mobile devices connected to the Internet has blossomed, causing the IPv4 address space to reach saturation in some geographies. Demand for IP addresses is under further pressure from growing Cloud infrastructure connections and the Internet of Things, which has been predicted to have 26 billion units in 2020.

The most recent version of the Internet Protocol, IPv6, uses a 128-­‐bit address length instead of IPv4’s 32-­‐bit address, thus ensuring sufficient addresses for the foreseeable future. The design of the IPv6 address space also greatly simplifies renumbering of an existing network when moving to a new connectivity provider or reorganizing after an acquisition. Effectively, with IPv6 everything can have a unique global address that is not related to its location.

However, the two address schemes are not interoperable, which has complicated and slowed the transition to IPv6. Monolith AssureNow simplifies this transition to IPv6 by running a dual stack that supports both IPv4 and IPv6, thus making it easy for its customers to gradually deploy IPv6 network upgrades. AssureNow determines which addressing to use based on context, unless the customer has required a single stack to be used.

“While the Monolith AssureNow solution has the scalability required for IoT, not all of its libraries and third-­‐party products supported IPv6,” said Mike Gent, Chief Software Architect, Monolith Software. “With the latest update, AssureNow is a true IPv6-­‐capable product that unifies operations, increases operational efficiency, and improves the customer experience across legacy and IPv6 environments, while simplifying the transition to IPv6.”

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