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Monolith Software partner Eirteic sells Digicel on unified service assurance of mobile phone networks.

AssureNow™ platform to enable Digicel system consolidation

In a recent press release, Eirteic announced that it will enable consolidation of Digicel’s network operations center (NOC) to drive efficiency and optimization of digital services for its mobile customers. The deployment will utilize the AssureNow™ platform to consolidate multiple legacy management tools and unify and simplify network management for Digicel’s operations center.

“We are thrilled to see Eirteic enabling Digicel, a leading-edge mobile service provider, to raise their digital maturity and reduce complexity by consolidating network management systems,” said David Knight, President, Monolith Software. “Simple steps, like moving to ‘one pane of glass’ service assurance management, will prepare Digicel for larger scale mobile transformation projects in the future.”

The AssureNow platform enables end-to-end and unified service, performance, fault, and topology management across legacy and dynamic virtualized domains. Implementation of AssureNow will enable Digicel to consolidate and phase out older systems while expediting issue resolution with simplified event tracking.

About Monolith Software

Monolith Software provides a next generation, scalable analytics software platform for unified service assurance. Built on open standards technology, AssureNow™ transforms how our customers manage data collection, enrichment, visualization, monitoring and reporting to ensure maximum health of their operating infrastructure and service fulfillment in both virtualized and traditional network environments.

Leading telecommunications, managed service providers and enterprises, including Aureon, Eir, Equinix, Hargray, MANX, Oracle, Tata Communications, and Tele2, use Monolith to unify and simplify their infrastructure management, and consolidate disparate and legacy tools onto a single platform to significantly reduce operations costs, assure delivery of new services, and enhance customer experience.