Join a select group of technology and channel partners to help us develop, sell, and support service assurance and unified monitoring solutions worldwide. When you become a Monolith Software Partner, you will get from us:


Sales and Marketing Support Services
Target marketing programs help generate qualified leads to drive your sales efforts. You’ll also receive a range of partner marketing tools, including special partner promotions, product collateral, and the use of the Monolith Software Partner brand and logos.


Sales and Technical Education
Stay up to date on Monolith Software solutions and how they benefit your customers, with Monolith Software technical certification at multiple levels, online training programs or training at your site or ours.


Dedicated Presales and Professional Services
The right level of support will help you close deals and grow your business with access to resources like our online demo center and free demonstration software.


Valuable Technical Support
The help you need, including second- and third-level support access, is only a phone call away.


Become a partner on your terms with a program level that’s right for you and your organization
We offer two distinct partner types, depending on your business strategy and sales commitment to Monolith Software, as well as your service infrastructure and your technical expertise.


Monolith Software Referral Partner
As a Referral Partner, you’ll help your clients select the right Monolith Software and coordinate with the Monolith Software sales team, committing significant time and resources to deliver cost-effective solutions. You’ll deliver a wide range of services, including consulting, project management, and integration and implementation by Monolith Software-certified engineers. Since a Referral Partner recommends Monolith Software solutions in an independent consultant capacity, this type of partner does not resell Monolith Software.


Monolith Software Reseller Partner
As a Reseller Partner, you’ll sell Monolith Software and deliver value-added integration services that complement the AssureNow solution, including installation, customization, project management and solution integration. A Reseller Partner may also provide first-level support with a dedicated support infrastructure or subcontract first-level support to Monolith Software.


A Select Reseller Partner
is the entry-level designation and has the lowest revenue commitment. The Select Partner commits to develop and maintain Monolith Software expertise with trained sales, presales and support resources, and benefits from Monolith Software support to create incremental business opportunities. The duration of this partnership level is limited to 12 months.


Expert Reseller Partners
build and grow their business from strong expertise, knowledge and skills to sell and service Monolith Software solutions. They work on multiple levels to support and develop joint successes and receive a high level of support and training in return for their commitment.


Elite Reseller Partners
are those who provide a higher contribution to increasing Monolith Software market share, maintain high competency in Monolith Software solutions, and meet high customer satisfaction standards. These partners receive dedicated channel management and extended focus through a wide range of services and support.