Bert Sammons


Bert Sammons

Customer and Partner Support

Thomas (Bert) Sammons is responsible for Monolith’s customer experience including Customer Support and Services.

Bert has over 15 years of experience in the operations management arena including support, services and systems administration related to technology management software.

Prior to joining Monolith, Bert was an independent consultant for Monolith and Windward Consulting Group where he was responsible for designing technology management solutions, project management, solution implementation and documentation for many large organizations. Prior to that, Bert was a Systems Administrator and PHP Developer at interactive Point of View (iPOV). There he worked on infrastructure in support of eLeaning technologies developed by iPOV. Prior to that, Bert was a Systems Administrator at ITC Deltacom, a Network CLEC/Carrier-of-Carriers. At ITC, he worked in the Network Operations Center to manage, enhance and maintain the tools and systems used to monitor their fiber network. Bert earned a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Auburn University.