Mike Gent


Mike Gent

Chief Software Architect

Mike Gent has been with Monolith from the beginning and is responsible the design and development of the software. He has over 22 years of experience covering a wide range of disciplines including systems administration and engineering, network administration and engineering, facilities engineering, security management, database administration, network management, software development, and software architecture. This breadth of knowledge has allowed Mike to provide strong leadership to Monolith’s technical growth.

Prior to Monolith, Mike was a consultant at Burwood Group. At Burwood, he was responsible for designing and implementing network management solutions to organizations primarily in the Chicago area. Prior to that, Mike was the Manager of Network Engineering at Universal Access, Inc. At UAI, he was responsible for the creation and management of a large scale, distributed network connecting offices and Data Center locations across the globe. The implementation of security and network management solutions for this network prepared him for the future design and development customizations necessary beyond what was capable with products at that time. Prior to that, Mike was the Manager of Systems and Networking and Pacific Crest Networks. At PCN, he was responsible for a multi-city ISP network in the Pacific Northwest which included automatic provisioning of DSL customers.