Shawn Ennis


Shawn Ennis

Chief Solutions Consultant

Shawn Ennis works with our partners and sales teams to identify ways to apply Monolith’s technology to problems faced by prospects and our customers to deliver service assurance solutions. Shawn founded Monolith Software in 2005 and under his leadership Monolith has created a completely unified, next-generation service assurance platform. He also engineered innovative processes to rapidly develop and deliver software in a very short timeframe compared to industry standards. Shawn has over 17 years of experience in the operations and technology management arena, where he utilized technology management software to run Operations Centers, implementing technology management software solutions for a significant number of the largest service providers and enterprise companies around the world, and developing technology management software solutions to meet the needs of client organizations.

Prior to Monolith, Shawn was a Senior Consultant at Windward Consulting Group. At Windward he was responsible for designing technology management solutions, project management, solution implementation, documentation, and training for some of the largest environments in the world. Prior to that, Shawn was Technical Specialist for Operations at ITC Deltacom, a Network CLEC/Carrier-of-Carriers. At ITC, he spent a significant portion of his time mastering the world of SONET and DWDM while creating an advanced enterprise management solution, as well as formulating operational IT strategies. Shawn currently serves on the Board of Directors of Monolith Software and the Membership Board of Monolith Technology Holdings, LCC. Shawn earned a B.S. in Computer Engineering/Software Engineering from Auburn University.