Tools Rationalization

Networking Tools and Systems

Communications and information technology have been on a rapid collision course now that the network is the computer or the cloud. While cloud technologies have exploded on the scene, the legacy infrastructures are still relevant as the new cloud services are built on fiber, broadband, and wireless.


Historically, these legacy infrastructures were managed by best-of-breed tools or by single vendor frameworks comprising of fault, performance, root cause, service level management and web based portal solutions. Each monitoring function had a different approach. With fault management, the Manager of Manager concept evolved in the 90’s until IBM’s Netcool solution became the market and technology leader. The performance management space has been historically fractured based on vendor specific domain or protocol based solutions with KPI reporting being a key value driver. Root cause tools varied but the most common use was and is for IP-based networks.


The challenge today with new converged services is that services are true applications and end users expect optimal experience or they will move to another provider. In addition, as digital services provide competitive advantage or support mission critical services availability, proactive monitoring and automated incident are dictated to ensure optimal performance and availability. To do so, a unified approach is dictated to ensure a critical service can be co-related, and managed to specific service levels-end to end.


The legacy tools were not designed to support the management of services on a unified basis. In addition, legacy tools require standalone hardware, administration, services, and support costs at a time when reducing total cost of ownership is a key business driver for all organizations.

The solution to address the limitations and high cost of legacy tools is AssureNow. AssureNow is a unified fault, performance, root cause, service level management tool built on a multi-tenant HTML based portal. It can leverage, enhance and retire legacy tools.

The AssureNow Advantage

AssureNow has numerous use cases across different customer verticals where market leading tools (IBM Netcool, Infovista, CA eHEALTH, EMC Smarts, HP OpenView) and open source tools including Nagios and MRTG have been rationalized. This tool rationalization provides the following benefits:


1) Reduction in software support costs via retirement of legacy tools.
2) Consolidation of hardware resulting in reduced hardware footprint, hardware energy, and hardware support costs.
3) Reduction in administrative costs – In one documented case a reduction of 65 headcount was achieved through reduction of OSS and operational personnel.
4) Reduced short and long term services costs due to having one, unified integration point versus many.
5) Future-proof capability in supporting newly evolving virtualized service assurance requirements.