Heavy Reading – Service Assurance in a Virtualized Service World

This Heavy Reading white paper by analyst Ari Banerjee reviews the appeal of one of the biggest trends in telecom today SDN (Software Defined Networking) SDN and NFV (Network Function Virtualization), and the key reasons why operators are moving towards a virtualized network world.

Heavy Reading’s research shows that servicer providers are aware that their legacy service assurance systems will no longer work in the virtualized network world that SDN and NFV will unleash. As their services become more blended, customers will become more demanding and expect seamless service to any device, anytime, anywhere. Service providers must turn to a unified service assurance platform that enables them to handle the scale and unpredictability of VNF workloads, dynamic service delivery based on service chaining, multi-domains of a hybrid cloud models and the virtual components of an SDN network.

The paper concludes how Monolith AssureNow supports the key service assurance functional requirements for a virtualized world and why operators should take a close look at the AssureNow solution before they make any investment decision on service assurance solutions.